If you’re facing the threat of a DWI conviction, you’re not alone. The Minnesota DPS estimates that one out of seven drivers has faced DWI or DUI charges. If you need legal assistance, approach one of Ramsay Law Firm PLLC’s trusted St. Paul DWI lawyers. Our qualified DUI attorneys use their sharp minds and extensive experience to assist you in your DUI or DWI case.

Why You Need the Help of an Attorney 

Having a professional DUI attorney help makes all the difference in your case. Your lawyer can competently examine the evidence and come up with a viable defense strategy. He/she understands the scientific and legal procedures and process for obtaining evidence and using it to convict an individual who committed a DWI or DUI. More importantly, your attorney is knowledgeable in using any deviations or errors from the procedures and processes to defend against DWI or DUI charges.

Additionally, your attorney knows how to ask the right questions on your behalf. Questions like “Was the evidence stored correctly?” and “Did the officer have the right to pull you over?” may spell the difference between a dismissal and a guilty verdict of your case.

Don’t Let a DUI or DWI Charge Affect Your Life

The punishments for DUI or DWI can be severe. You’ll likely lose your driver’s license, pay hefty fines, and serve jail time. Additionally, these penalties can limit future job opportunities and result in the loss of your livelihood. So, don’t let a DUI or DWI conviction ruin your future. Contact one of our dependable DUI attorneys in St. Paul, Minnesota for a free initial consultation by calling 651-604-0000.