Charles Ramsay Discusses the United States Supreme Court on Fox 9 News

Posted On March 29, 2016 by Daniel Koewler

Minnesota is one of 13 states where it is a crime to refuse to submit to a warrantless search. Last night, Charles Ramsay of Ramsay Law Firm discussed the United State's Supreme Court's upcoming decision regarding whether or not Minnesota's DWI laws are constitutional. The case of State v. Bernard, scheduled to be heard on April 20, could potentially result in thousands of DWI dismissals statewide, and could have an even bigger impact on how law enforcement conduct DWI arrests in the future.

When asked, Chuck told Ted Haller of Fox 9 News "the United State Supreme Court is going to strike down Minnesota's test refusal law." Ramsay added, ""If the Supreme Court strikes down the law, those who actually submitted to a breath test, after getting threatened with the crime of test refusal, it's likely that their breath test results will also get thrown out.|

If you want to watch the full story, here you go: