Chuck Ramsay Explains Problems With Minnesota Breath Tests on Fox 9 News

Posted On February 05, 2016 by Daniel Koewler

If you've ever visited our blog before, you know that we take the science behind DWI testing very, very seriously. Whether we are educating the public on our blog, educating other attorneys at seminars (sometimes with the help of the Innocence Project), or educating judges at the annual Criminal Justice Institute, in the end we're always using our education to fight for our clients.

Last night, Fox 9 news interviewed Minnesota's only ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist Charles Ramsay, where he discussed the misleading way in which Minnesota is reporting its breath test results.

We brought in Janine Arvizu (and other experts) to dig into Minnesota's decision to refuse to acknowledge how inaccurate their breath testing machines really are.

Do you trust the results of Minnesota's fleet of breath testing devices. If so . . . why?