Posted On January 18, 2010 by Charles Ramsay

One Hennepin County judge wrote in a source code order that it may be malpractice for a lawyer not to seek breath test software. That remains to be seen and depends primarily on the outcome of our experts' analysis. Practically speaking, however, the source code coalition has prepared matters to point where it requires little effort from attorneys to take advantage of this issue.

The upside is obvious -- drivers' DWI breath tests could be thrown out. There is little down side -- a minimal contribution from each lawyer and a delay necessitated by the review.

So the question is: is your lawyer a member of the Minnesota Intoxilyzer 5000 Source Code Coalition.

If not, get another lawyer.

I've listed of all members below as of today. In addition to this, all state public defender cases are included.

Here's the latest on the expert analysis of the software: While CMI, the Intoxilyzer 5000 manufacturer, has yet to provide us reasonable access, Marsh Halberg, one of the other lead attorneys, has made significant progress. Our experts are ready to go. We hope to have them in Owensburo Kentucky by the end of the January to begin the software review.

We'll post more updates as they become available.

Allen, Jacob

Heefner, Carson

Paule, Robert

Ahern, Paul

Heiligman, Joel

Pearson, Andy

Anderson, Andrea Ryan

Herman, Mark

Perkkio, Arlene M. Asencio

Appleby, Tina

Hogen, Barry L.

Perry, Jerome

Arechigo, John

Holly, Gregory

Perry, Shane

Arneson, Mark

Hughes, John

Peterson, Todd

Ayers, David L.

Jakway, Thomas

Petros, Christopher

Azarian, Martin

Johnson, Calvin

Pineo, Gordie

Bader, Michael

Johnson, Denise

Plunkett, Thomas C.

Baker, Stephen

Johnson, Dennis

Price, John

Bartolomei, Luis

Jones, Robert

Price, Tom

Bartscher, Joy

Kaess, Ryan

Rainville, Peter

Bass, Howard

Kaminsky, Joe

Ramsay, Charles

Bauer, Jason

Kans, Doug

Reiter, Fred A.

Bauer, Thomas

Karon, Mark

Reyes, David E.

Beito, Thomas

Keller, Max A.

Rice, Jon

Berglund, Mark

Kelly, Mark

Ring, Jeffrey

Bernlohr, Andrew

Kenly, Rich

Risk, David J.

Berris, Marc S.

Koch, Richard

Rochford, Robert

Betts, Shawn

Koewler, Daniel

Rogosheske, Paul

Bluth, Joseph

Kuesel, Tom

Samson, Judith

Bowen, Richard

Kuhn, Jeffrey

Samuelson, Michael

Brant, Michael J.

Lambert, Jeffrey

Schafer, Brent

Brevik, Chris

Lang, Debbie

Schleusner, DeAnna

Brink, John

Larson, Gregory

Schmidt, Carolyn Agin

Brown, Jason

Latz, Ronald

Schulte, Frank

Bruno, Fred

Lawhead, Brandon

Schway, Thomas

Bushnell, Anthony

Lengeling, Rob

Scott, John

Caplan, Alan

Leoni, Joe

Scott, Mike

Carey, Jay

Leunig, John

Segal, Charles

Carlson, James

Leviton, James H.

Sessoms, Faison T.

Carp, Howard S.

Lewis, Scott

Shands, Cean

Casanova, Jennifer

Loraas, James

Sheridan, Jeffrey

Cecchini, Pamela

Lothspeich, Dennis

Shiah, Thomas H.

Christensen, Robert

Lucas, John

Sieben, Kevin

Clippert, Charles

Magee, Gerald

Sieben, Thomas

Cohen, Edward

Mahoney, Seamus

Simonet, Edward

Cotter, Pat

Malone, Robert G.

Sjoberg, David

Daub, Michael

Mankey, Matt

Skees, Harvey

DeCourcy, Kate

Margoles, Alan

Solem, Brian

Devore, Kevin W.

Marsden, Brian

Steele, Brian

Durkin, Rory

Marshall, Kent

Stephenson, Mark

Eggert, Francis

Mattox, Rick E.

Sterle, Chad

Erickson, Jacob

Mesenbourg, Jerry

Stiles, Debra

Eskens, Allen

Meshbesher, Steven

Stocke, Christopher

Fisher, Rebecca Rhoda

McCloud, Sam A.

Strauss, Jerry

Friedberg, Joseph

McDonald, Michael

Storms, Frederick

Gallagher, Thomas C.

McGlennen, Mike

Surface, Samuel

Garry, Ryan

McGraw, Beau

Swanson, Richard L.

Garvis, Andrew

Miller, Gerald

Tackett, John

Geck, Timothy

MN Public Defenders

Tamburino, Joe

Gegan, Charles

Mohr, Jeff

Tiechner, Marcus

Gerdts, Daniel

Montpetit, Joel

Timmons, Peter J.

Gershin, Roger A.

Naros, Kris

Toder, Brian

Gherty, Mark J.

Nelson, Blair

Tolin, Stefan

Giancola, Mark

Nelson, Chad

Torgerson, Lynne

Goldberger, Rachael

Nelson, Chris

Undem, John

Goldetsky, Reid

Nelson, Eric

Valentini, David

Grau, Dean

Nelson, Julie

Ventura, James M.

Gregorious, Kevin

Newmark, Eric

Walburg, Stephen

Grimshaw, Steven T.

O'Brien, Stephen

Walsh, John (Jack)

Groshek, Christa

OC'Green, Kevin

Warn, Cheryl

Grostyan, Tony

Ohlenberg, Richard P.

Watson, Peter

Grove, Christopher

Oleisky, Jill

Wilson, Kenneth

Guerrero, Dan

Oleisky, Robert E.

Wold, Peter B.

Halberg, Marsh

Olson, Eric

Zajac, Kristine

Halverson, Charles

Olson, Mark

Zenner, Patricia

Handorff, Thomas

Orwig, Lee

Zulk, Christopher

Haswell, Page

Osborn, Sharon

Hawkins, Charles L.

Owens, Robert

Hazelton, Douglas V.

Pacyga, Ryan

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