Defective Breath Test Software Jails Innocent Drivers

Posted On October 07, 2008 Charles Ramsay

Charles A. Ramsay has been very active in exposing flaws in the DWI/DUI breathalyzer machines in Minnesot, according to his press release issued today.

How can you argue with his passion for righting this wrong, when innocent people are getting charged with a crime that is far more sever than DWI, itself? If the Intoxilyzer 5000 cannot analyze a driver's breath, the state charges that person with the crime of DWI/DUI refusal!

The state has been aware of the problem for more than two years. Despite having a corrected version of the software, one of Governor Pawlenty's appointed officials has prevented the state lab from fixing the broken source code.

Untrustworthy crime labs are becoming commonplace. This year, government crime labs in Detroit and the State of Washington have closed or under investigation because of corruption, tampering, and negligence.

Is Minnesota's BCA next?

How can you trust the people and machines that were made and trained to prove your innocence? Imagine ... your life is now in shambles, because a faulty computer says so.

Charles Ramsay is the lawyer that you need on your side. No other Criminal Defense lawyer knows as much about this vicious machine as he does. Chuck is your smart choice -- he gets results for you.