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Some people are "visual learners" and/or would just rather not read a whole lot of text . . . especially when a video is available. Other times, video captures something that just isn't possible through the written word. Here is where we've collected a series of videos; some describe the DWI process, others provide additional information and answer frequently asked questions, and some are just publically-available records of our attorneys in action.

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  • About Ramsay Law Firm

    Chuck Ramsay and Dan Koewler describe what sets Ramsay Law Firm apart from other Minnesota DWI defense lawyers.

  • State v. Thompson Oral Arguments


    Dan Koewler, of Ramsay Law Firm, at oral arguments before the Minnesota Supreme Court in the case of State v. Thompson, challenging the constitutionality of Minnesota's DWI Test Refusal Law. The Minnesota Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the law was unconstitutional, throwing out our client's conviction for test refusal.

    Tom Ragatz argued first, for the State, followed by Dan. 

Showing Results 1 - 2 of 2