Get Educated! 2015 Annual MSCJ DWI Seminar Schedule Released

Posted On April 01, 2015 by Daniel Koewler

Every experienced DWI defense attorney knows that continuing education is absolutely necessary if you expect to zealously defend your clients.

The Minnesota Society of Criminal Justice is an exclusive gathering of approximately 50 Minnesota defense attorneys dedicated to strengthening the defense bar and educating the legal community of issues that affect the very foundations of our criminal justice system. Every year, the MSCJ holds the absolute, bar-none, one-of-a-kind, be-there-or-be-square, day-long seminar dedicated entirely to the defense of DWI cases in Minnesota.

Attendance should be mandatory for anyone who has ever handled a DWI case, or even for anyone who thinks they will in the future. I sincerely hope to see anyone who takes DWI defense seriously in attendance - the information you will learn at this seminar is priceless.

Here's a copy of the enrollment form. As an added feature, attendees will get to see our own Charles Ramsay educate defense attorneys regarding scientific challenges to the DataMaster DMT breath test machine - bringing the information he's collected from across the country right into the laps of local Minnesota attorneys.


But Mr. Ramsay is not the only presenter: here's the full list.

Doug Hazelton will present regarding recent updates both in the law and in the courts' interpretations of the law

Rick Mattox will present regarding Voir Dire (jury selection practices)

Max Keller will present regarding Opening Statements

Rebecca Rhoda Fisher will present regarding techniques for cross examining law enforcement agents on field sobriety testing.

Jeff Sheridan will address trial challenges to DataMaster DMT test results without the benefit of an expert.

As discussed above, Charles Ramsay will discuss trial challenges to DataMaster DMT test results when you do have an expert witness.

Rory Durkin will present his experiences winning a DWI Test Refusal Case.

Kevin DeVore will present his experiences in winning a DWI "physical control" case

Sam McCloud will explain how to present an effective Closing Argument

Cean Shands will end the day dealing with the issue of race and its impact on both trials and on general racial profiling issues.