Intoxilyzer Maker Refuses to Follow DWI Source Code Settlement

Posted On September 29, 2009 by Charles Ramsay

CMI Provides Incomplete Source Code

Last weekend members of the Minnesota Source Code Coalition met with our experts to plan our examination of the software in Kentucky at CMI Headquarters. We were to begin by reviewing the hard-bound written copy of the source code which CMI was to provide under the Federal Source Code Settlement.

Upon opening the book, we were shocked to discover that CMI had blacked out 99 pages of the printed version of the software!

Although the federal settlement permitted CMI to redact passwords, our experts tell us CMI blacked out entire pages of the software. The redacted code includes critical information necessary to analyze the software.

Judge Frank ordered CMI "to make printed, hardbound copies of the complete Source Code (subject to the redaction of security and passcode features described herein) available in Minnesota.| (Click for Judge Frank's entire order).

It is clear CMI is playing games. The company has made it tough enough by requiring our experts to travel to Kentucky to review the actual source code at their headquarters during regular business hours. Given the other limitations, we expect a review to take up to three months.

What other hurdles will CMI place in our path?

I suspect Minnesota judges will not tolerate this type of conduct and correctly determine that the state has not provided the source code to drivers under the Minnesota Supreme Court ruling of State v. Brunner.

As a result, thousands of DWI cases may be dismissed because of CMI's chicanery.

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