Posted On July 20, 2009 by Charles Ramsay

In order to make a proper analysis concerning the Source Code for the Intoxilyzer 5000, defense attorneys must send an independent analyst to Owensboro, Ky. On July 18th, 2009 the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice (MSCJ) unanimously voted to coordinate efforts to retain experts to travel to CMI headquarters. Specific details concerning the initial analysis through eventual issuance of a final report are still being determined. In the meantime, MSCJ is sending letters to the chief judge for each district court in Minnesota, asking for their cooperation in scheduling criminal and implied consent cases due to the time sensitive nature of the source code analysis. The analysis is expected to reasonably take approximately 180 days.

If you would like to view a sample letter that is being sent to each district court in Minnesota, please click: Source Code Letter