Oops! Ramsey County Has Not Consolidated St. Paul Crime Lab Cases

Posted On January 24, 2013 by Charles Ramsay

We pride ourselves on posting relevant, accurate information on this blog, and view our blog as an opportunity to not only educate potential and current clients, but also other defense attorneys and judges. That's why we need to tell you that when we previously posted that Ramsey County was consolidating its St. Paul Crime Lab cases for hearing before Judge Marek, this information was erroneous - and we apologize for the error.

We received the above information directly from an attorney with the Office of the State Public Defender, who represented that she was in the process of handling the consolidation of the St. Paul Crime Lab cases being handled by her office. She was the source who told us that these cases were all being consolidated before Judge Marek.

Because the attorney who provided the information is a reliable person with a stellar reputation, I didn't independently confirm this information before publishing the information on our blog. Unfortunately . . . she was wrong. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from Ramsey County informing me that the courts have not even been presented with a consolidation motion, and certainly have not ordered consolidation in front of any one judge.

Again, we apologize to Judge Marek, Chief Judge Warner, our readers, and anyone else who may have been hurt by the erroneous information. We regret the error, and moving forward we intend to do a much more thorough job of double checking any information we receive before passing it along to our readers.