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The attorneys at Ramsay Law Firm are not only highly regarded by their clients, but are also highly respected by their colleagues. Even when someone with a DWI-related issue choses to hire another law firm, we often find ourselves answering questions, providing materials, and even crafting strategies for otherwise highly-qualified defense attorneys who don't understand DWI defense like we do. We're even regularly called upon to act as consultants, both here in Minnesota and nationwide, on high-profile and complex DWI cases. Here's some examples of attorneys that we've worked with in the past.

  • Trail Blazer

    04/11/17 / Chuck Halvorson, Attorney at Law

    I want to express my appreciation for your willingness to help me, and the help of your staff, namely Gina.  I and my staff greatly appreciate everything you have done.  I very much respect that due to the work you and your people have been doing and the fight you have been waging. You have earned that.  God knows that 100 other attorneys would have been willing to take what money my client had and pleaded him to a careless driving offense and left the IC alone.  So with your gracious help and the trail that you and your people have blazed, my client has his revocation rescinded, and removed from his driving record, and the DWI charge will be dismissed. Please count this as your victory as well, thank you!


    Chuck Halvorson

    Attorney at Law


  • Super Lawyers

    Super Lawyers

    Since 1999, first Chuck and then Dan have been recognized repeatedly as "Super Lawyers," one of the legal field's more prestigious awards. The full "Super Lawyers" designation is reserved for the top 5% of attorneys in a particular practice area (here, DWI defense). The "Super Lawyers Rising Star" designation is reserved for the top 2.5% of attorneys in that field.

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