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State v. P.J.O.


Our client was charged In Hennepin County with a felony criminal vehicular operation -- the State claimed that someone suffered "substantial bodily harm" as a result of our client's driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Not only was someone injured, but our client had several prior DWI convictions in the past, further complicating the case. We aggressively litigated the case, while helping our client get the help that was needed, and eventually our hard work paid off when we convinced the State to dismiss the felony charges. Then we kept fighting, until we got the result we really wanted -- not just a dismissal of the felony DWI charge, but also keeping our client from having to go to jail. 

We don't have a judge's order to post on this one, because we negotiated this resolution just prior to fighting the case out at a suppression hearing. It doesn't always work out this way -- many times, its not enough for us to threaten to win, we actually have to win -- but in this case, we were able to put enough pressure on the prosecutor to get a good result for our client short of a suppression hearing or a jury trial. 

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