Those Who CAN Do, Also Teach

Posted On November 06, 2015 by Daniel Koewler

Good attorneys - the ones who want to do more than take your money, the ones that actually want to (and enjoy) fighting for you, are constantly learning the latest and greatest legal tactics to help their clients win. Now, nobody has unlimited time to learn, so good attorneys will be very picky when it comes to who they go to for their continuing education.

You know the old saying, "those who can't do, teach?" (sometimes followed by, "and those who can't teach, teach gym"). Well, I think it's a stupid saying, regardless of the context, but it's certainly stupid when it comes to continuing legal education. The best and brightest attorneys are at the top of their game (putting their clients in just as favorable position), and it is those attorneys that are often called upon to share their hard-won knowledge and expertise with other attorneys.

The attorneys at Ramsay Law Firm are always working to improve themselves through education . . . and sometimes that means stepping up and doing the educating. We recently announced that our own Charles Ramsay joined the faculty of the prestigious, nationwide National College for DUI Defense. This weekend, instead of spending time with his family, he'll be teaching the best DWI defense attorneys from around the country on how to successfully attack the science behind breath testing.

After this weekend, Chuck will be back in Minnesota, continuing to use what he taught to attack the breath tests in our client's cases. And these attacks are picking up some serious steam - we've uncovered even more information calling Minnesota's breath testing scheme into serious question. Those challenges are going to give us the edge for all of our clients - and in DWI defense, it can be the edge needed to get a successful resolution to the case.

Does your attorney teach for the National College of DUI Defense? Wouldn't you rather that he or she did?