Another One Bites The Dust: Victory At the Court of Appeals ... Again

Posted On November 21, 2016 by Jay Adkins

We have just received another victory at the Court of Appeals today. Once again, the Court made it crystal clear that when an officer threatens a driver with an unconstitutional crime, the driver's due process rights have been violated. Sounds familiar, right? We have blogged about this issue extensively, and we still have two more cases to be decided by the Court of Appeals that deal with this very same issue.

As we said Friday, these cases are not completely resolved, as the underlying legal question will soon be heard by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Nevertheless, today's decision provides confirmation that law enforcement cannot use unconstitutional threats to get drivers to submit to testing and that Minnesota Courts will abide by this principle.

This has been an eventful week here at Ramsay Law Firm. Not only have we won a big case at the Court of Appeals, we have also secured victories in 4 of our clients' cases. On Wednesday -- just before the turkey goes in the fryer -- we will blog about our 4th victory and discuss the underutilized defense we employed in that case.

Stay tuned ....

Daniel Koewler