Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice Fights for Drivers' Right to Review DWI Breath Test Software

Posted On November 03, 2008 by Charles Ramsay

We're fighting to expose Minnesota's source code lawsuit for the sham it is. To be successful, we need the help of the country's top experts. One of the most valuable team members is Tom Workman from Boston, Massachusetts.

Last week I filed Mr. Workman's declaration with the federal court. It is a real eye-opener:

1. Under normal circumstances an expert would need about three months to examine the Intoxilyzer's source code. But, under the limitations of the proposed settlement, the same expert would need 30 years to conduct the same examination!

2. Known Fatal flaws in the Minnesota Software have and continue to produce erroneous results. The state crime lab is aware of the bugs in the source code, yet has refused to install the corrected version provided by CMI.

3. An expert in copyright law, Mr. Workman demonstrates how CMI transferred ownership of the software to the State of Minnesota under the original contract.

4. Federal patent statutes prevent CMI from asserting the software is a trade secret without violating federal law.

I've posted Mr. Workman's sworn declaration here.

The Minnesota Source Code War would not be possible without the resolve of the members of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice; my dedicated staff at Charles A. Ramsay & Associates, PLLC; and Thomas Workman. Also, thanks to Attorney Ryan Garry for generously donating his time and expertise. Please obtain Mr. Workman's permission before using his declaration.

Check back soon for more information, documents and analysis as the Minnesota Source Code War continues to rage â?¦