Piercing the Veil: Disclosed Documents Define Minnesota's Datamaster DMT-G Breath Test Machine

Posted On July 13, 2012 by Daniel Koewler

As we promised, here are copies of the documents we were able to obtain after filing a Minnesota Data Practices Act demand to the Minnesota BCA.

All documents are in .pdf format, and will be hosted here on our blog for as long as Minnesota continues to use the Datamaster DMT.

- Deployment Plan -Breath Test Enhancement and Integration, Version .05, May 25, 2011, State of Minnesota, Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

- Documents from the Datamaster RFP (Request For Proposal) Process

- DataMaster Contract between State of Minnesota and National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc.

- DataMaster DMT Training Materials

- Datamater Validation Procedures, Documentation and Training