Science As Your Best Defense: Landing the Right Attorney To Defend Your DWI

Posted On November 04, 2016 by Daniel Koewler

Nobody wants to be arrested for a DWI. In my experience, very few people ever set out for the evening saying, "let's roll the dice and see if we can get away with driving while impaired tonight." The few folks that do say or think something like that probably have their particular defense attorney on speed dial, but for the majority of Minnesotans, the fact remains that getting arrested for DWI is usually a shock, and after it happens, the shocks just keep coming.

People proactively hire an estate law attorney when they want to provide for their family's future. People proactively hire a patent attorney when they want to protect a new invention. People hire a business law attorney when they want to take a new idea and turn it into a (hopefully successful) business.

But nobody proactively hires a DWI defense attorney. Shortly after being arrested for DWI comes the scramble -- the scramble to get out of jail, to get back to work, to deal with the shame, to deal with the impact losing your license or your car can have on your family . . . and the scramble to find a defense attorney.

A good DWI defense attorney helps with all of those other situations, but finding a good one is the type of "scramble" that requires a lot of extra care. There are a lot of attorneys out there who are happy to take as much of a person's money as they think they can get away with, while also having every intention of putting as little effort as possible into the case. We call 'em "dump truck" attorneys in Minnesota, or "meet 'em, greet 'em, and plead 'em" attorneys.

All of this was just a roundabout way of asking the rhetorical question, "what makes for a good DWI defense attorney?" I can't answer that question completely in this post, but I can make one good start -- a good DWI defense attorney is one who is repeatedly asked to educate other defense attorneys on how to be better defense attorneys.

Enter Chuck Ramsay, founding partner of Ramsay Law Firm. He's got a long list of credentials; today's post is just to highlight that he is once again taking up his role as faculty for the National College of DUI Defense, and spending his weekend teaching at the multi-day "Science As Your Best Defense" seminar alongside all of the other big names in DWI defense (if you're keeping track, you'll notice that he's the only attorney from Minnesota to carry such an honor).

If you've been arrested for a DWI in Minnesota, there is one tiny bit of good news amidst the scramble to put your life back in order: you got arrested in the one state that Charles Ramsay continues to practice DWI defense, day-in and day-out. Give him a call.

Charles Ramsay