• Setting DWI Bail

    You or your family member was just arrested; it's scary, we know. Perhaps it was on a Friday night, and there won't be a Judge available until Monday. Will they have to stay in jail until then? A DWI, is one mistake that can disrupt entire lives, cause loss of jobs, even ruin relationships. If you or your loved one has been arrested for DWI, call Ramsay Law Firm today, to get your life put back on track.

    The most important priority after being arrested, booked, and put in a holding cell: is how do we get them out? Bail is a process through which someone arrested is allowed to be released, in exchange for money. A major condition of this release is that the arrestee must appear in court for all criminal proceedings. This bail amount is typically based on: the individuals DWI or criminal record, seriousness of the offense, or the individual's ties to family, employment, or community. If you are not allowed to post bail immediately after booking, a judge may decide later if a bail can and will be set. In either instance, Ramsay Law Firm should be your go to call for legal representation. We know DWI Law better than any other Attorney in Minnesota.