• DWI Injury or Death (CVO or CVH)


    It is one thing to be charged with DWI and a completely different ballgame when the DWI charge is enhanced due to someone being injured as a result of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is devastating to families when their loved ones are injured or killed by an intoxicated driver, but it is also devastating to the driver.

    If you have been charged with DWI and someone was injured as a result of your actions, you are most likely depressed, disappointed in yourself, and you regret the mistake. You also know that there can be very severe consequences and all you want to do is go on with your life and never make such a mistake again.

    Then again, you may be someone who was not drinking, yet an accident resulting in the injury of another person and certain circumstances in your case resulted in you being arrested for DWI. Whether innocent or guilty, you need a tough St. Paul criminal lawyer to help bring out the truth and also help you move on with your life once the truth comes out and a conclusion is reached in your case.


    Even if you are guilty of DWI that resulted in an injury, you do have rights. You also have the right to move on with your life. You have the right to have a job, live in a nice place, and you have the right to ensure similar mistakes are never made again. You deserve to live a full life.

    Here is what the Ramsay Law Firm will do for you:

    Inform you of all options that are available to you

    Set expectations that are realistic and not based upon chance

    Develop defense strategies that are both creative and effective

    Protect your constitutional rights

    Evaluate every element of the case to see where the law can work for you in reducing the charges against you

    Don’t be down on yourself and feel as if you deserve the harshest of consequences. When those charged with DWI take matters into their own hands and they don’t hire a St. Paul criminal attorney, they receive the harshest penalties that then affect their ability to acquire a job, find a nice place to live, buy insurance, and so many other things that are necessary for survival in the world.


    While the family of the victim has to deal with the injuries of their loved one, you do deserve compassion as well. Do not think that you don’t deserve it. The regret and remorse is very intense and you need an attorney who understands what you feel, while also taking an aggressive run at the case so that you can receive an outcome that is more favorable than receiving the maximum sentence. In the end, that sentence will depend upon if the charge is a First, Second, Third, or Fourth-Degree DWI and the injury will be an aggravating factor that will enhance the charge. We fight to reduce charges, thus reduce penalties so that you can quickly move past this part of your life.