Source Code Update: Chisago County Consolidates Source Code Cases

Posted On November 20, 2009 by Charles Ramsay

The Chisago County Court Administrator's office notified my office today that it was consolidating the county's source code cases into one hearing. The hearing is scheduled to be heard on May 5, 2010.

Coincidentally, Anoka County has scheduled its consolidated source code hearing for the same date. Chisago County seemed unaware of this. I do not know whether Chisago will reschedule the hearing. Since Chisago County is in the Tenth Judicial District with Anoka County (along with the counties of Isanti, Kanabec, Pine, Sherburne, Washington, and Wright), perhaps the district will consolidate the entire district's hearings. In my opinion, this would save judicial resources and be more efficient for the courts and litigants.

Chisago County includes the cities of Center City, Chisago City, Harris, Lindstrom, North Branch, Rush City, Shafer, Stacy, Taylors Falls, and Wyoming; the townships of Amador Township, Chisago Lake Township, Fish Lake Township, Franconia Township, Lent Township, Nessel Township, Rushseba Township, Shafer Township, Sunrise Township and Wyoming Township.

In addition to Anoka and Chisago Counties, Hennepin County and the entire First Judicial District has consolidated its source code cases.

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