Minnesota Retires Whiskey Plates -- IMMEDIATELY!

Posted On July 02, 2021 Charles Ramsay

For too long, Minnesota has unnecessarily labeled drivers with special series “whiskey plates,” when one of the individuals on the title of the vehicle violated (or even just allegedly violated) Minnesota’s DWI Laws. We’ve all seen them – license plates that start with “WX” “WY” or “WZ.” We’ve blogged about how unnecessary these things are in the past. 

Well, they’re gone now.

Seriously. Governor Walz signed a bill this week providing drivers across Minnesota with the right to remove their whiskey plates. The only condition is that the driver enroll in the ignition interlock program and pay the fee (between $50 and $100, depending on the circumstances). This program went into place immediately, so . . . don’t wait. Go. Now. Get your real plates back.

Charles Ramsay