Ramsay Law Exposes New Levels of State Corruption This Year

Posted On March 27, 2023 Charles Ramsay

At the beginning of the year, I set out to blog every week. 

I accumulated so much dirt on breath and blood alcohol testing in the state of Minnesota that it would be a crime to sit idle. I wanted to let the broader defense community know about the problems we’ve found in the state’s lab.

Looking back on Q1 of 2023, I’m proud of our accomplishments. Here’s a summary of the problems we’ve found so far.

No quality control for the acetone solution at the BCA

First, we showed that the BCA breath alcohol lab didn’t have a basic procedure for producing the acetone solution used annually to certify their breath machine. It came out in court that the BCA has been making their solution without any recipe whatsoever. 

This was a massive oversight by the BCA that deserves more attention to this day. 

A tale of two source codes

I told you about the latest source code saga and how the State “scientists” have been colluding with the AG’s office to prevent the release of the source code. It still astounds me that State “scientists” haven’t learned their lesson from the first source code debacle.

Quality assurance problems in the blood and urine alcohol lab

I let you know how the BCA blood/urine alcohol lab refuses to calibrate their pipette, doesn’t use proper matrix-matched controls, and mislabels their controls

The misuse of bias in breath testing

I went into detail about how the state breath alcohol lab misuses the concept of bias in breath testing. They treat bias as just another component of uncertainty when they should be correcting for bias.

Uncovering problems with the initial approval of the DMT

Lately, I’ve gone into detail about the initial testing done with the DMT. I showed how the DMT breath machine didn’t meet the necessary standards for Minnesota. According to the State’s own standards, the breath alcohol machine should’ve never been approved.

The fuel cell should’ve never been shut-off

By looking at the original testing data from the manufacturer, I’ve shown that the fuel cell was necessary to detect interfering substances. I’ve even gone as far as to call for a stop to breath testing because of it. I showed how the State scientists turned off 75% of the breath machine's interference detection when it shut off the fuel cell.

There’s more to come 

This was just Q1. There’s a lot more corruption to be uncovered. If you want to keep up with the latest from our blog, subscribe to our blog and get regular updates in your inbox.

If you’ve been a victim of the State’s shoddy science. Reach out to the Ramsay Law. You need an advocate on your side who understands how the State obscures the science.

Charles Ramsay