Attorneys Chuck Ramsay and Dan Koewler Complete National DWI Course

Posted On September 21, 2008 by Charles Ramsay

The attorneys at Ramsay & Associates, PLLC, pride themselves on keeping on the cutting of DWI / DUI defense. Last week attorneys Chuck Ramsay and Dan Koewler learned from some of the other best lawyers in the country at a three-day continuing legal education course in Las Vegas.

The classes included the following topics:

Reversing the Call on the Field: Persuading the Appellate Court

- Rod Kennedy

Chemical Test Discovery: Getting a Complete Scouting Report

- Troy McKinney

Ethics Jeopardy: What is the Right Thing to Do?

- Bruce Kapsack

Gearing-Up Your Offense: Suppressing the Evidence

- John Wesley Hall

What We Can Learn from the Inquest of the Death of Princess Diana

- Dr. Robert Forrest & Jess Paul

Field Sobriety Tests-- Running Through the Drills

- Gus McDonald

Advanced FSTs-- For Whom Are They Designed?

- Mimi Coffey

Was Your Client Tested on a Broken Machine?

- Tom Workman

Scoring the Winning Touchdown with Your Closing Argument

- Les Hulnick & Vic Pellegrino

Voir Dire of the Expert

- Dr. SunWolf

Blood Lab Secrets

- Dr. Robert Forrest & Jess Paul

On the last day of the program, the attorneys broke down in to small groups for the following workshops:

-Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques

Instructed by Mike Hawkins

-Perfecting Your Opening & Closing

Instructed by Les Hulnick & Vic Pellegrino

-Crossing the Officer on FSTs

Instructed by Troy McKinney, Mimi Coffey, and Steven Oberman

- Auto Brewery Syndrome

Instructed by Dr. Robert Forrest

-Bring Your File

Instructed by Jess Paul

-Challenging Drug Recognition Experts

Instructed by Judge Rod Kennedy and Dr. Robert Forrest

-Developing & Implementing Effective Juror Questionnaires

Instructed by Dr. SunWolf

- Converting Your Preemptory Challenge Into One For Cause

Instructed by Dr. SunWolf

-What Every Attorney Must Know About Infrared Spectroscopy

Instructed by Tom Workman and Bruce Kapsack

-Cross-Examination of the Breath Tech

Instructed by Steve Jones

-Cross-Examination of the Blood Tech

Instructed by Gus McDonald

-Analyzing the Police Video

Instructed by Tony Palacios & Sara Compher-Rice

Chuck and Dan are eager use new ideas and know-how in Minnesota. No doubt the classes will benefit their clients immeasurably.

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