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    Who Says You Can't Go Back

    You were convicted of a DWI, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Even if you've lost your DWI case, you have options. Recent losses can be appealed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Less-recent losses can still be overturned with petitions for post-conviction relief. Very old convictions can be sealed through the expungement process. All three methods are different ways of doing the same thing: righting what went wrong.

    We have a reputation as successful appellate lawyers because we focus on appealing what we're passionate about: DWI cases. Ramsay Law Firm has an impressive track record of appellate victories over the years, because we only bring up appellate cases that we feel strongly about. Most of our appellate clients are actually referred to us by attorneys who lost their case in the lower courts and want us to handle the appeal. Others call us directly after a different attorney lost their case, and they are unhappy with the result. In all cases, we'll give you an honest assessment of the merits of your case. If we think we can win, we'll tell you; if we think the odds of success are slight, we'll give you the honest truth and explain why we think that. 

    There has never been a better time to expunge an old DWI conviction. Make no mistake, expunging any conviction is difficult, and expunging a DWI conviction is twice as tricky. However, since changes to Minnesota's expungement law in 2015, we finally have the opportunity to successfully get a DWI conviction sealed from public disclosure. If you have a compelling reason, a track record of rehabilitation, and a relatively clean record, we're here to help remove that DWI conviction from your record.

    When you call Ramsay Law Firm, you're not a "convicted drunk driver," you're our client. And to us, that makes you the most important person in the worldFeel free to check out our website. It will likely answer some of the questions you may have. When you're ready to talk about what we can do to correct an old mistake, please give us a call, or use one of the contact forms on the website. We're here, waiting to help you. 

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