• Getting Back Your Vehicle

    Getting Back Your Vehicle

    One of the most painful consequences of a DWI arrest happens when the State tries to seize your vehicle. After your home, your vehicle is likely the most expensive asset you own. Whether its the SUV you use to transport your kids, the motorcycle you've been taking out on the road every summer since your 20's, or the boat you've used to make so many family memories, Minnesotans have a special place in their hearts for their vehicles. Which is what makes Minnesota's DWI forfeiture law so harsh.

    Just because the State took your vehicle, it doesn't mean they get to keep itLike everything else about a DWI case, there are many ways to successfully fight a vehicle forfeiture. Forfeiture cases can be surprisingly complex, but we have many different opportunities to get your vehicle back. Along the way, we'll also work to make sure the State is responsible for any storage costs that may have accrued after they took your vehicle.

    Don't wait for your court date to start worrying about your vehicleWhen the State seizes a vehicle for forfeiture, they're acting outside the traditional judicial system -- they are taking your property without first providing you with a hearing. If you wait too long to challenge a vehicle forfeiture, the opportunity will be gone, and the State will get to keep your vehicle, whatever the outcome of the underlying DWI case. There is nothing more frustrating for us than to successfully get a DWI charge dismissed, only to see our client still lose their vehicle, because they didn't contact us soon enough to challenge the forfeiture. Contact our office immediately so we can fight for your rights.

    When you call Ramsay Law Firm, you're not a "customer," you're our client. And to us, that makes you the most important person in the world. Feel free to check out our website. It will likely answer some of the questions you have. When you're ready to talk about what we can do to get your vehicle back, please give us a call, or use one of the contact forms on the website. We're looking forward to helping you. 


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