• Getting Back Your License

    Getting You Back On The Road

    It's almost impossible to make a living in Minnesota without being able to drive. Most Minnesotans would lose their jobs if they had to rely upon buses, light rail, or services like Uber to get around. We understand that losing your license (and having that alcohol related license revocation on your driving record) can be devastating, in the short-term and in the long-term. When we are defending our clients in court, our top priority is protecting that drivers license.

    Loss of license can be one of the most serious consequences of a DWI arrest -- and worse, the State usually takes your license before you even have a court date. Whether the State takes your drivers license immediately after an arrest or sends you a letter in the mail, the clock is ticking from that point on. We can get your license back, and keep the revocation off of your record, but when it comes to license revocations time is of the essence. Whether the loss of license is a result of a DWI arrest, a violation of the Ignition Interlock program, or a probation violation, we've only got a limited amount of time to notify the State that we intend to challenge their attempt to take your license. We simply can't get results unless we first get our foot in the door.

    We want to get you driving again. In our decades of experience, we've learned that the vast majority of drivers who lose their license due to a DWI-related event are not dangerous sociopaths. They are good people, who may have made a poor decision . . . but that doesn't make them bad people. All it does is make them our potential clients, which means it gives us the opportunity to do what we like doing best: help. Sometimes we can get our client's driving privileges back within days of starting the representation. If that's not possible, we'll explain what you can do to get back on the road in the short term while we work on keeping the incident off of your driving record/restoring your license in the long term. Either way, our goal is the same as yours -- get you driving again as soon as possible.

    When you call Ramsay Law Firm, you're not a "customer," you're our client. And to us, that makes you the most important person in the world. Feel free to check out our website. It will likely answer at least some of the questions you have (that's why we built it in the first place). When you're ready to talk about what we can do to get your license back, please give us a call, or use one of the contact forms on the website. We're looking forward to helping you.


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