At Ramsay Law Firm, we fully believe in the "team approach" to DWI defense. In our decades of experience, we've learned that the more (good) minds that are working on a case, the better. When you hire an attorney at Ramsay Law Firm, you're not just hiring one attorney, you're hiring the sharpest, seasoned, and most aggressive minds that have ever dedicated themselves to helping someone charged with a DWI. 


Charles Ramsay

Charles Ramsay

Founding Partner

Daniel Koewler

Daniel Koewler


When you're being represented by Ramsay Law Firm, you're not just going to have highly-qualified attorneys helping you through your case. You also gain access to the best support staff in Minnesota. Our staff are just as dedicated to helping our clients as our attorneys are, and are there to answer all little questions that can come up during a court case. Every success we have is due in no small part to the day-to-day efforts of our staff, and when you have Ramsay Law Firm in your corner, you'll quickly learn why it's no exaggeration to call them "the best support staff in Minnesota."


Shelley Arndt

Shelley K Arndt

Legal Assistant

It's no exaggeration to say that Shelley is the rock that provides the foundation for Ramsay Law Firm. Shelley has been working as a legal assistant since 2000, and has been a crucial part of Ramsay Law Firm since 2003. Shelley was selected by Minnesota Lawyer as an "Unsung Legal Hero" in 2018, recognizing her for her tireless dedication to our clients. 

Half of our clients will deal directly with Shelley when they have non-legal questions that require her practical expertise instead of legal advice. The other half may still get a chance to work with Shelley on a more limited basis. But everyone who meets Shelley agrees that her sincere, kind-hearted way of helping to guide them through the difficult circumstances of being charged with a crime provided a pleasant relief.

When Shelley isn't working as our legal assistant and office manager, she enjoys painting (she's very, very good at it) and spending quality time with her husband and two dogs. She also has two amazing sons who are off at college!

Kimberly Rodrigue

Kimberly T Rodrigue

Legal Assistant

Kim started working with Ramsay Law Firm before it was even Ramsay Law Firm -- she was a legal assistant to Charles Ramsay all the way back in 2001! As one of the most experienced legal assistants in the field of criminal defense, Kim was selected by Minnesota Lawyer as an "Unsung Legal Hero" in 2008, recognizing her for her tireless dedication to our clients. 

Today, Kim shares half of all of our client cases with her "partner in crim(inal defense)" Shelley. She's a major point of contact for all of our current clients, and there is a good chance that anyone calling us for help is going to hear Kim on the other end of the phone from the first call. 

When Kim isn't working as a legal assistant, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two wonderful children. She also enjoys party planning and all things craft related.

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