Blog Watch: Judicial Training & Education Blog

Posted On July 30, 2015 by Charles Ramsay

We pride ourselves on bringing timely and knowledgeable information to our readers on a regular basis. Our readers include clients (both current, former, and potential), other defense attorneys, judges, and even prosecutors. We focus on DWI defense because that's the area of law we love most, and where the most interesting legal issues (and defenses) arise.

But criminal law is a broader area that just DWI defense, and today we're bringing up another blog worth checking out. Judge Alan Pendleton is a very well-respected judge out of the Tenth District, and one of the things that sets him apart from other judges is his very own Judicial Training and Education Blog. If you practice as a defense lawyer and have not seen this blog . . . you don't know what you've been missing. Of particular note are Judge Pendleton's numerous Judicial Training Updates, which provide both a cheat sheet and a roadmap to many procedures used by criminal defense attorneys on a regular basis. Here's one example of the difficult-to-master procedure for entering a Lothenbach "plea.|

Why are we talking about someone else's blog? Well, The Expert Institute out of New York is putting together the |2015 Best Legal Blog Competition| and Judge Pendleton's own blog was invited by the Institute to participate in the |Education| category. This would be a good time for anyone who likes the Judicial Training and Education Blog to head on over to the Blog Contest Page and nominate a very worthy resource.

Here's what you need to do to nominate a blog:

1. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page

2. Enter your name and email address

3. Enter the blog address (

4. Select the blog category as |Education|

5. You can (and should) enter a short statement of why the blog deserves to be nominated. Here's a short description of the Judicial Training and Education Blog:

This blog is the official repository of the "Judicial Training Updates" which are designed to be short, concise, easy to read judicial tips that every judge and attorney should know. Many of the updates are designed for use "in court" by judges and attorneys as resource guides to ensure the making of a full and complete record. Many judges and attorneys bookmark the blog for easy access while in court. In addition, the blog also serves as a |one-stop| judicial resource library for judges, attorneys, and the general public.

If you've ever used one of Judge Pendleton's Judicial Updates, you know that his blog is certainly worth nominating. If you haven't . . .again, you don't know what you've been missing. Go fix that mistake as soon as possible.