Charles Ramsay Discusses Ignition Interlock With Jeff Passolt on Fox 9 News

Posted On December 12, 2012 by Daniel Koewler

Our own Charles Ramsay appeared again on Fox 9 News with Jeff Passolt to discuss the evolution of our nations laws regarding the controversial "ignition interlock" device. We've discussed some constitutional aspects to a mandatory ignition interlock program in previous blog posts, and in the following interview, Ramsay explains why ignition interlock may not live up to all the hype its been generating.


Ignition interlock devices can malfunction, can prevent otherwise law-abiding drivers from operating a vehicle with the device installed, can be easily circumvented by those who choose to do so - and can be expensive. Currently, Minnesota law mandates the use of this type of device for most types of DWI offenses, including some first-time offenders.

Are we approaching the day when this type of device will be as commonplace as seatbelts and airbags? For now, it is used merely as an alternative form of punishment - a situation that may change in the future.