It's Time to Shut Down the State Breath Alcohol Lab

Posted On March 13, 2023 Charles Ramsay

At Ramsay Law, we seek to do the best possible work for our clients. That’s why we keep digging into the State's archives to uncover the lies about their breath alcohol machine.

Last week, I scoured through past discovery and data practice requests. I found that the Government approved breath alcohol machine never met the State’s own standards in the first place!

The original Request for Proposal (RFP) for the machine said that interfering compounds on a person’s breath must not add more than 0.004 g/210L to the breath alcohol, yet state “scientists” have routinely told me in court that it can add somewhere between 0.005 and 0.020 g/210L.

It’s been over ten years now that the Government’s “new and improved” breath machine has been in the field. How many false positive breath tests have resulted from this new machine that never met the minimum standards?

More diggin’, more dirt

The more I dig, the darker it gets. 

As I continue to read more of the original files, I am amazed at how blatant the errors are. The mistakes are in plain sight for all to see.

The manufacturer of the DMT, National Patent Analytical Systems (NPAS), had originally provided slight evidence to show that the new breath machine could detect interfering substances like acetone and isopropanol. 

They had four methods of detecting interfering compounds. And three of those methods used the fuel cell; only one used infrared.

Here’s the dirt on interfering substances

In section 2.18 of the original (Request for Proposal) RFP, NPAS stated that substances other than alcohol on a person’s breath would get flagged by the DMT through techniques involving the fuel cell.

Don’t take my word for it; look at the document below:

No fuel cell = unfair breath test for citizens of MN

For those unfamiliar, the State shut off the fuel cell of the DMT in 2012 because they claimed they were having problems with the disagreement between the fuel cell and the infrared. How many of those “problems” were actually the DMT detecting interfering substances on a person’s breath?

If anyone can find out, we will.

We’re going to keep digging until we get to the truth.

Stay tuned. We’ve got a lot more to cover on this front.

If you’ve been a victim of the State’s pseudo-science, contact Ramsay Law. You can trust us to examine the science and get results.

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