Still Essential -- Minding Your Manners Before a Breath Test

Breath alcohol testing has some benefits over blood and urine alcohol testing . . . but it also has a couple significant drawbacks. What is "mouth alcohol" and why does it invalidate a breath test result? Observe and learn . . . Read More

Posted on September 20, 2017 by Charles Ramsay

Last Chance! MACDL Fall CLE Is This Friday!

There are still a few open spots available for the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer's Annual Fall CLE -- and it's one of those rare CLE's that qualify as a "must attend" event for anyone who practices criminal defense. Read More

Posted on September 14, 2017 by Daniel Koewler

Crimmigration: Protecting our Immigrant Clients

Immigration law is in turmoil, and non-citizens facing criminal charges are at high risk for deportation, denial of green cards or citizenship, and a wide range of other disproportionate consequences. Here's how we help them preserve their lives in the United States and their places on the pathway to citizenship -- as shown in two recent negotiation victories. Read More

Posted on September 07, 2017 by Hayley Steptoe
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