DWI Justice?

Posted On February 26, 2009 by Charles Ramsay

Professor, Steve Simon, of the University of Minnesota and the Director of the Minnesota Criminal Justice System DWI Task Force, wants to urge the Task Force to recommend to the legislature, that it adopt legislation that would make the Intoxilyzer Source Code NOT subject to discovery in civil and criminal DWI cases. Therefore, denying the public of their Constitutional Sixth Amendment right to confront their accuser - even if the accuser is a machine.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has not yet issued its decision involving access to the Intoxilyzer Source Code, but they have rejected the proposed settlement by the Manufacture of the Intoxilyzer. The settlement stated that they would allow the accused to examine the Source Code, but only by a defense expert witness, and that witness would only be able to view the code at CMI's headquarter in Owensboro, KY., in electronic form or by reading a 1,100 - page printout.

Between the bogus proposed Settlement of CMI of Kentucky, Inc. And Professor Simon recommending that legislature make it a law that the Intoxilyzer Source Code NOT be subject to discovery, no one is looking out for your Constitutional rights, or even your innocense, except Charles Ramsay. With his knowledge and persistence, you will get Results.