Fuel Cell Problems Part II

Posted On March 20, 2023 Charles Ramsay

In the past few weeks, we’ve exposed a massive problem with the State’s breath alcohol machine. First, we found that it should have never been approved because it didn’t meet the minimum standards the State set in the first place.

The State had a requirement that the breath alcohol machine must not add more than 0.004 g/210 L to the result, yet we’ve had state “scientists” routinely tell us in court that it can add 0.005 - 0.020 g/210 L. 

We also found that the initial testing of interfering substances like acetone required the fuel cell to be turned on. Three of the four mechanisms for detecting substances other than alcohol on a person’s breath involved using the fuel cell. 

And what did the State do? They simply turned off the fuel cell.

So now we’re left with a machine that only has 25% of the interference detection mechanism it was supposed to have. This is bad news for citizens of MN subjected to this test.

But wait, we’ve found more problems.

More reasons NOT to turn off the fuel cell

We went way back to our archives to look at the initial interference testing by the manufacturer of the DMT. Substances like methanol, 2 butoxyethyl acetate, toluene, xylene, mineral spirits, and naphtha were only identified when the fuel cell was turned on.

If you work with these chemicals during the day, you could be turned into a criminal by taking a breath test on your way home from work. The citizens of MN deserve better.

You don’t have to take our word for it; take a look at this screenshot of the initial testing included in the Request for Proposal material from NPAS:

All of the compounds above were only flagged by way of the fuel cell.

What does this mean for you?

You can’t trust just any law firm to adjudicate your DWI. You NEED to hire a firm that understands the science and how to combat the state’s “scientific” breath alcohol test. 

If you’ve been a victim of the state’s shoddy breath alcohol machine, call Ramsay Law -- we get results.

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Charles Ramsay
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