Get Rid of That DWI B-Card License Restriction!

Posted On October 10, 2014 by Charles Ramsay


It's embarrassing, it can be awkward . . . and it is also avoidable. I'm talking about the shame that is felt by anyone who displays their Minnesota driver's license and has no choice but to cringe at that awful language, prominently displayed on their card.

Well, there used to be no choice. Once the legislature put that language on your license, it was there to stay. However, thanks to a 2011 change in the law, drivers can now have that embarrassing restriction removed from their license, as long as they meet certain requirements.

Drivers must have:

1) Abstained from alcohol for the previous ten years;

2) Have had no use or possession of controlled substance without a prescription within the past ten years; and

3) Have had no DWI related incidents within the past ten years.

The Department of Public Safety conducts a records check to verify you meet the requirements. Check out the details in subdivision 3 of Minnesota Statute section 171.09.

Now obviously, you've got no shot at having the restriction removed if you've had a DWI or drug issue in the past 10 years, but if you feel you meet the requirements, download the form and fax it to the Department of Public Safety at (651) 797-1298.

While violations of a B-Card/Restricted license can be beaten, don't take the chance. Have the restriction removed immediately.