Good DWI Lawyers Must Beat Criminal, License and Vehicle Forfeiture Cases

Posted On December 14, 2009 by Charles Ramsay

In Minnesota, to beat a DWI, a good criminal defense attorney needs to win not once, but twice. That means succeeding on the criminal case (where the penalties include possible jail time, fines, and years of probation), and also winning the separate Implied Consent case (which deals solely with a person's driver's license and license plates). There may even be a third case â?? beating the police forfeiture of the person's motor vehicle.

Last week, a Sherburne County judge found in favor of our client on his Implied Consent case. This wiped our client's driving record clean of any "alcohol-related| revocation and protected him from having to drive around with |whiskey plates.| We were able to win on this case without even getting into the merits of the blood test that my client took â?? and we did it by convincing the judge that the police unconstitutionally stopped my client.

The police pulled our client over because, supposedly, he made a wide turn. Specifically, the police claimed that our client started his turn in one lane of traffic, and finished his turn in another lane, and that this was a traffic violation worthy of being pulled over for.

Seems like a valid basis for a stop, right? Most people would think so, but then, most people would be WRONG. Besides the obvious fact that many people (including police) make these types of turns every day, a careful reading of Minnesota Statutes make it clear that such a turn ISN'T EVEN ILLEGAL!

That was an argument that Ramsay Law Firm lawyer, Dan Koewler, and I brought to the judge, and that was the argument that won the case. Because the court ruled that the stop was unconstitutional, numerous other issues we raised did not even need to be addressed (it only takes one winning argument to win an entire case).

This just goes to show that when you've got an experienced attorney dedicated to beating the entire DWI case, you can get results based on issues that other attorneys might not even consider. That's why we at our law firm pride ourselves on carefully analyzing every case, to make sure that every possible opportunity to win our client's case is fully litigated.

We regularly beat all types of DWI cases, on a variety of grounds. If you've been charged with a DWI or DUI as a result of a blood, breath or urine test, call Ramsay Law Office immediately.

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