How Do I Beat a DWI? Is It Even Worth Fighting?

Posted On May 13, 2010 by Daniel Koewler

Almost every client that calls us for legal advice and representation will ask it at some point. Most clients who retain us will hear the question from their friends and family. The government and the media have done a great job of making the "science| of DWI prosecutions seem unbeatable.

Which always begs the question: is it even possible to beat a DWI charge?

The answer, our answer, and the correct answer, is always |YES!|

A good criminal defense attorney will help guide anyone through the hoops, traps and pitfalls that make up our complex DWI laws. A great defense attorney will have a proven track record to demonstrate their ability and desire to make sure that you get the best effort and the best outcome possible. But the truly top-notch defense attorneys are the ones who understand that the |science| surrounding DWI prosecutions is little more than smoke and mirrors - and like any illusion, once you see the |science| for what it really is, your attorney is in the best position to reveal how shaky the State's case really is.

A recent situation that arose in Colorado highlights the fact that any test - blood, breath, or urine - can successfully be challenged in court by top-notch attorney. In Colorado, over 200 blood tests were found to have been horribly botched - some tests reported a blood alcohol concentration 40% higher than the actual concentration should have been! Everyone here at Ramsay Law Office shuddered a little bit at that statistic, but what really gets to us is that the crime lab still can't explain how so many tests came back with such inaccurate results.

Many people convince themselves that, |if the State's test says I was over the legal limit, I must have been over the legal limit.| I'm sure that the vast majority of all of the improperly analyzed samples in Colorado went unchallenged in court. And that is the only real way to lose a DWI case - to not examine the evidence, to take the State's word at face value.

At Ramsay Law Office, we've won many |unbeatable| cases, and we've done it by staying current with the scientific literature and never taking the State's evidence at face value. If you've been charged with a DWI, and the State has a blood, breath, or urine test up their sleeve, don't buy into the hype. Contact Ramsay Law Office - we don't buy into the hype either. We get results.