J.E.S. v. Comm’r of Public Safety -- Ignition Interlock Violation Victory – Driver’s License Reinstated


Our client was required to enroll in Minnesota’s Ignition Interlock Program due to multiple DWIs. Because of the number of prior infractions, the state had cancelled his driver’s license and he was required to completely abstain from alcohol. 

With just a few months remaining in the interlock program the interlock device registered a false positive of 0.028. Based on this reading the state once again cancelled his driver’s license and required him to restart the program (and jump through the onerous “hoops” required to enroll in the program).

Our client retained us to fight the faulty device reading. We called an expert at the hearing and exposed the limitations of the scientific method used to test his breath. In the end the Court found in our client’s favor and threw out the breath test result and reinstated our client’s license.

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