Minnesota Intoxilyzer Source Code Update: The Briefs Are In.

Posted On October 19, 2011 by Daniel Koewler

The last source code brief is in! The Source Code Coalition filed its reply brief on behalf of thousands of Defendants and Drivers with the Minnesota Supreme Court on October 17, 2011. This is the last of the briefs to be submitted to the Minnesota Supreme Court on this issue. We anticipate the Supreme Court will schedule a date for oral argument soon.

Here are the other briefs filed in this matter pending before the Supreme Court:

Appellant's Brief and Appellant's Appendix and Index, filed August 29, 2011;

Brief and Appendix of Respondent (State of Minnesota Prosecution Liaison Counsel), filed September 28, 2011;

Respondent's Brief and Appendix (Commissioner of Public Safety), filed October 3, 2011;

Brief and Appendix of Amicus Curiae, CMI of Kentucky, Inc., filed October 10, 2011; and,

Appellant's Reply Brief, filed October 17, 2011.