Never Stop Learning: The Science of Defending DWIs in Minnesota

Posted On March 03, 2015 by Daniel Koewler

Ramsay Law Firm has been at the cutting edge of DWI defense in Minnesota for over a decade, and maintaining that position as top-notch DWI defense attorneys means constantly learning and developing new skills.We recently went to trial on a 0.14 breath alcohol DWI case . . . and the verdict we got for our client was largely due to our efforts to stay educated on everything scientific about DWI testing. We'll tell you the verdict at the bottom of the post, but first, take a peek at how we got there . . .

. . . Chuck spent the first part of 2015 busily boning up on his scientific know-how. He started with the comprehensive course on gas chromatography (the process used to test blood and urine samples for drugs and alcohol) put on by the folks at Axion Laboratories in Chicago, Illinois. This was a refresher course for Chuck, and he's close to becoming the first attorney in Minnesota to obtain the highly prestigious "Lawyer-Scientist" designation from the "Chemistry and the Law Division" of the American Chemical Society (ACS), a non profit, Congressionally chartered scientific society.

Shortly after passing the course and obtaining his certificate . . . .

Chuck moved on to attend the 67th Annual American Academy of Forensic Scientists Scientific Meeting. The AAFS Annual Meeting is downright scary in the amount of information presented, and Chuck took full advantage of the opportunities presented to bring himself up to speed on all the recent developments that impact the practice of DWI defense.

There is a reason why other defense attorneys call Ramsay Law Firm when they have questions regarding their DWI defense cases. And there are even better reasons why our clients can rest easier at night, knowing that we're going to stop at nothing to beat the charges against them - through legal challenges, through negotiation, through sheer willpower . . . and many times, through our ability to destroy the alleged "science" behind Minnesota's DWI breath, blood, and urine tests.

And we're happy to announce that the first thing Chuck did after returning from the AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting was obtain a Not Guilty jury verdict on all charged counts in a DWI trial, where his scientific knowledge played a huge part in his ability to convince a jury to disregard a 0.14 breath alcohol test, and send our client home a free man.