Ramsay Law Firm Launching A Brand New Website And Blog!

Posted On February 08, 2017 Jay Adkins

As many of our followers know, Ramsay Law Firm places great emphasis on providing cutting-edge content regarding DWI defense in Minnesota on our website and award-winning blog.  This has not, and never will, change.  However, we felt that it was time for our website to receive a face lift and some updating.  After locking Dan in his office and refusing to let him out until he completes the new website, he has emerged and we are thrilled with the final result!

Our new website and blog will still provide our readers with the same invaluable information on how to defeat DWIs in Minnesota and across the country, but now on a cleaner and more user-friendly website. 

You can view the new website at ramsayresults.com and our blog at mndwidefenseblog.com!