Republican National Convention: A Need to Protect Fundamental Civil Rights

Posted On September 02, 2008 by Charles Ramsay

The United States has a long and proud tradition of protecting an individual's right to vocally and publically disagree on politically sensitive issues. The First Amendment rights of free assembly and free speech enshrine a protestor's right to make their opinion's known.

Unfortunately, these cherished rights aren't as respected as they should be, and often those genuinely concerned protesters who are committed to the struggle for change can be unconstitutionally ensnared in the legal system. Along with all of the press coverage surrounding the Republican National Convention being held in St. Paul, MN, Minnesota law enforcement officials and courts are gearing up for record numbers of arrests of protesters. Additional police are being brought in from around the State, and many courts intend to hold evening and overnight court sessions to process the large volume of individuals expected to be charged with crimes.

If you plan to exercise your constitutional rights and protest at the Republican National Convention, (or if you even plan to be in the area during the convention), you run the risk of being arrested and charged with a wide variety of crimes; such crimes include tresspassing, unlawful assembly, interference with the use of public property, obstruction of legal process, resisting arrest . . . the list goes on, and is limited only by the creativity of local police and prosecutors.

If you find yourself arrested or charged with a crime during the hectic upcoming weeks, you'll want to ensure that your rights are being protected in a court system swamped with similar cases. The attorney's at Ramsay & Associates want you to know that we're available, 24 hours a day, throughout the convention, to ensure that any illegal arrests, bogus charges, or even honest mistakes, don't result in unconstitutional convictions or unnecessary entanglement with the court system. We've got a long history of standing up for individual rights against government encroachment, and plan on being there for you when you need legal representation.

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