The Price of Freedom: Remaining Vigiliant in the Face of Minnesota's New DWI Breath Test Machine

Posted On June 11, 2012 by Daniel Koewler

Ramsay recently appeared on KMSP - Fox 9 to explain how problems with the new Minnesota breath testing device are already raising concerns about the validity and reliability of these test results.

This is neither the first (nor the last) time Ramsay Results has been at the forefront of DWI defense here in Minnesota - our firm always leads the way with challenges to Minnesota's DWI breath testing program.

We spent weeks pouring over thousands of pages of documents until we uncovered the smoking gun that proved the BCA was covering up a critical flaw in the source code to the Intoxilyzer 5000.

We are the only firm to successfully obtain written orders throwing out Minnesota's use of first-void urine alcohol testing (a method of testing that is so discredited and ridiculed that we are the only state to seriously use it), and our challenges on behalf of our clients continue to this day.

So when we heard that Minnesota was preparing to purchase hundreds of new breath testing devices, we were the first attorneys in Minnesota to head over the Datamaster manufacturing plant and take the tour. While we were there we discussed this new machine with the chief engineer and the company president, and even got certified as official operators for the Datamaster.

When we got back to Minnesota, we spent even more time pouring over every document that the BCA would provide us - in a little windowless room deep in the heart of the BCA itself. This type of document review paid off big for our clients who had been tested on the old Intoxilyzer device, and we expect that it will again for the new Datamaster.

Check out the video above, which is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems that are coming into play with this new breath test machine. And be sure to stay tuned - this isn't the only problem that we've uncovered.