Posted On April 07, 2008 by Charles Ramsay

Soon ... articles revealing:

Why the Minnesota BCA failed to establish any minimum routine preventative maintenance and/or calibration standards for the Intoxilyzer 5000?

Why Minnesota's breath testing program has the lowest standards in the country?

Why the Commissioner of Public Safety refuses to establish any minimum procedures to ensure that Minnesota breath tests are valid, reliable and accurate?

Why is the supervisor of the BCA toxicology laboratory is afraid to review the source code (software) for the Intoxilyzer 5000?

Why does the Minnesota Attorney General want the legislature to pass a law to prevent drivers from defending themselves in court at a trial, by making it a crime to present the source code as evidence to a judge or jury ?

Why Minnesota is the only state in the country to use alcohol urine testing to prove a driver guilty of a crime?

Why Minnesota BCA refuses to establish the most basic standards for urine testing, ignoring every peer-reviewed expert article in the world?

Why the Commissioner of Public Safety continues to revoke licenses and prosecute drivers using urine testing when as one Judge recently described as a "absurd"?

Why Attorney Chuck Ramsay is the only source of education for BCA toxicologists of peer-reviewed scientific articles?

Why the Minnesota Attorney General continues to mislead judges, prosecutors and police officers that CMI (the Intoxilyzer Manufacturer) refused to give them the source code, when the BCA supervisory testified under oath that the BCA never had even asked for the source code?

Why the Minnesota Attorney General and the BCA do not voluntarily disclose the errors in the Intoxilyzer's program?


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