Urine Tests Should Not Be Used To Determine Alcohol Level for DWI or DUI

Posted On December 03, 2009 by Charles Ramsay

Last week I was representing a client at trial for his second DWI. Instead of going to trial, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all DWI charges.


The police did not give him a breath test (probably because we've all but shut down Minnesota's Intoxilyzer 5000 after exposing its broken source code). Police did not give him a blood test (some officers believe it is too costly and inconvenient). Instead, they had my client submit a sample of his urine for testing.

The Scientific Community Agrees: Urine Tests do not validly or reliably determine a person's alcohol concentration. Despite this, Minnesota is the only state in the country which regularly uses urine testing without first voiding the bladder in DWI cases.

I have been successful getting judges to throw out urine test results. I've posted the court orders in the Carroll case and Westlund case. I've also prevailed in trial where a jury agreed urine tests are worthless. Prosecutors are well aware of my firm's victories. Indeed, I've had much greater success in this area than any other attorney in Minnesota. As a result, prosecutors are reluctant to go to trial with me in urine test cases. This is good news for my clients.

If the State of Minnesota has charged you with a crime or taken your license based on a urine test, call us immediately. We can help.

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