Victory At The Court of Appeals: Another License Saved

Posted On December 12, 2016 by Jay Adkins

Ramsay Law Firm received another victory at the Court of Appeals today. The issue in question should sound familiar to followers of this blog: a driver being told that "refusing to take a urine or blood test is a crime," is misleading and a violation of the Constitution. We have explained this issue at length: here is a blog about another victory at the Court of Appeals on this same issue; here is a blog about the merits of the issue; and here is another blog discussing the issue's merits with an assist from "Back To The Future."

We have one more of these cases to be decided and we expect similar results. While it is easy to lump this victory with the rest, it is incumbent upon us, as defense attorneys, to appreciate that this victory is unique to our client because, this time, it was his driver's license at stake. We are thrilled for our client, this victory gets him his license back and he can now go back to driving for work and his day-to-day responsibilities.

As we have said this before this issue is not completely settled. It will ultimately be heard by the Minnesota Supreme Court and we will provide additional updates as we get closer to oral argument.

Charles Ramsay