WCCO News Story: Faulty DWI-DUI Breath Test Destroys Innocent Drivers' Lives

Posted On November 02, 2008 by Charles Ramsay

The media is beginning to recognize the significance of Minnesota's broken Intoxilyzers -- innocent people are losing their licenses, their way of life and their freedom.

CBS affiliate, WCCO, broadcast a story of one of our firm's clients. The Minnesota breath test machine erroneously reported "CW" had refused to submit to a breath test. As a result, under Minnesota law, she lost her license for one year and now faces criminal charges that impose four times the amount of jail than if she had failed the test (over .08).

The reason for the erroneous test results: the machine's software contains bugs. State officials and CMI, the manufacturer, are fighting to keep us from examining the source code.

See WCCO's story below, and the the blog entries about the source code battle and proof of some of the fatally flawed software.

The only way to ensure justice for Minnesotans is to immediately stop all breath testing in Minnesota until the problem is corrected.

Contact Chuck Ramsay immediately if the state is attempting to use the Minnesota Intoxilyzer to take your license or send you to jail.