Why I Post This Blog -- To Share Information and to Promote Excellence

Posted On April 06, 2008 by Charles Ramsay

Drunk Driving Law, also known as DWI/DUI/OWI, is the most rapidly changing area of the law today. To be successful, defense attorneys stay abreast of the daily changes in the law; judicial decisions at the appellate and trial court level, new scientific studies and research, government publications, police officer training, breath test equipment and new issues in toxicology, medicine, intellectual property, constitutional law.

Better defense lawyers go beyond merely sitting back and observing. In order to take on the government experts, the better DWI/DUI attorneys undergo the same or better training as the police and government scientists who they face. These lawyers are very successful at facing a defendant's accuser on the standing brining out the truth; the flaws in the assumptions of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests; Breath, Blood and Urine Testing; and other issues.

Only the very best, however, are creative and aggressive enough to develop new methods of challenging DWI/DUI arrests. They perfect the issues, teach other lawyers and eventually may change the manner in which the government (judges, prosecutors, police, states scientists and legislature) treats those accused of drunk driving. A very few are able to force a change in the law itself, by exposing false assumptions in science and through the appellate courts by proving the law unconstitutional.

Charles Ramsay is one of those few attorneys; the very best.

He will post on this blog the latest DWI/DUI/OWI news from Minnesota and around the country. Watch for the latest court challenges and developing issues in medicine and science.

To make this Blog most effective, Mr. Ramsay relies on others for help. Please inform us of issues in your state, new science or anything else that may contribute to the level of quality information we can share with others to help ensure all people accused are treated fairly and constitutionally.