Ramsay Law Racks Up Another Source Code Victory!

Posted On February 27, 2023 Charles Ramsay

Last week, a judge out of Stearns County, MN ordered that a breath alcohol test of one of our clients be suppressed. This was because the State refused to allow us to view the source code for the breath test machine.

On the opposing side was the State Attorney General’s Office. They are supposed to look out for the interests of the citizens of Minnesota. But instead, they continue to protect the private interests of a for-profit company over the rights of the citizens of Minnesota. 

Citizens forced to blow into a breath machine deserve to see the evidence that controls the device. A growing number of judges are seeing through the façade of it all. The judge in our case looked past the State’s lies and demanded that the breath test results be suppressed!

We want openness and transparency

We simply want to look at the software code that controls the State’s approved breath machine. Science is supposed to be open and transparent, but the State continues to shield the secrets of a private company.

When things stop making sense, a good question to ask is: Cui bono?

Who benefits from hiding the code of the breath machine? The biggest benefactor is the private, for-profit company that owns the machine, Intoximeters, Inc. If their machines are so great, what is there to hide? The fact is, they don’t want our experts to discover the flaws in their code. 

Science progresses through openness and transparency. Allowing us to look at the source code of the breath machine can only help the science of breath testing move forward.

Why do we want to view the source code?

When our clients hire us, they demand that we leave no stone unturned. It’s our duty to zealously defend our clients from the State’s shoddy science. 

If we aren’t allowed to see the code of the breath machine that is convicting our client, then we can’t do our job at the highest level. As more judges see the ridiculousness of the source code situation, the Attorney General’s Office will be forced to get the code and allow us to examine it.

If you’ve had your license rescinded due to a faulty breath test, call Ramsay Law, we work hard to get the best results for you.

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Charles Ramsay