Roadmap to Victory (2017 in Review)

Posted On December 15, 2017 Charles Ramsay

Getting a good result in a DWI case involves going far beyond what other defense attorneys even consider. It means leaving no stone unturned, not taking anything for granted, and never giving up the fight. Those three things sound like generic taglines on motivational posters, don't they? Well, for our clients, those three things meant a lot of victorious DWI cases this past year.

We've got a reputation for pioneering new defenses, which is a huge benefit to our clients. Over the last few weeks of December, we're going to reveal some of the top defenses we've used to win cases for our clients this year -- how we were getting Ignition Interlock cases dismissed, how we are getting felony DWI's outright dismissed, and how we were getting forfeited vehicles returned to our clients. 

At the same time, the Minnesota Vikings are going to be pushing for the playoffs, for a coveted bye in the first round, and for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Vikings are in the end run of a wildly successful season . . . at the same time that Ramsay Law Firm is wrapping up a hell of a year of defending our clients. It was a season where we saw our arch nemesis Aaron Rodgers get replaced by Brett Hundley, where Case Keenum exploded after years of hiding in plain sight, and where an offensive line that had been a thorn in our side for years finally rose to the challenge. 

Over that same stretch of time we noticed that something important was missing from the State's Ignition Interlock program, exploited the language of a statute that had been hiding in plain sight for decades, and finally turned the tide against another statute that had been a thorn in our side for too long. Kind of a nice parallel to the Vikings (with way fewer "wide left" moments too. Please do not click that link if you still suffer from Vikings-related PTSD). 

We've touted many of our recent successes on this blog -- from our DWI trial victories, to success at the court of appeals, up through the chance to get back-to-back victories at the Minnesota Supreme Court. But up until now we've kept these victories largely under wraps . . . but what better way to close out 2017 than with a whole atlas of roadmaps to success? Most NFL teams have plenty of tape on the Vikings but still can't seem to out-scheme Zimmer and Shurmur. And we're confident that we can leak our playbook without compromising our chances at future successes -- we've been winning DWI cases for decades

These blogs will be worth reading, even if the Vikings don't manage to secure a spot at the Super Bowl this season. Here they are:

Roadmap to Victory: Noticing When Something Is Missing (Ignition Interlock Violations)

Roadmap to Victory: When Success Is Hiding In Plain Sight (Felony DWI Charges)

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Charles Ramsay