Ramsay Law Firm Wins Case, Defends Minnesotans' Right to Independent Alcohol Testing

Posted On August 03, 2017 Hayley Steptoe

If you've been following this blog, you know the State of Minnesota's breath testing methods are deeply flawed. Deeply, deeply flawed. So if you were pulled over and offered a breath test, you might want to ask for a blood or urine test conducted by people you trust more. But you're in custody. What if the police don't let you take an independent test? 

The case against you can get thrown out, that's what. That's just what we accomplished for one of our clients yesterday, when a Minnesota judge ruled that the police cannot take away a driver's license based on a failed breath test and then ignore the driver's request to get his own blood tested by independent, impartial professionals.

Our client asked for an independent blood test. Under Minnesota law, all the police had to do was let him call around to hospitals and other services. They had to provide him with a phone and a phone book. That's all. And they didn't even do that

Minnesota guarantees that if you ask for your own independent test after taking the State's DMT test, and if you can set one up, the police and jail staff cannot get in your way. They don't have to help you, but they can't just ignore your request like they did for our client.

I'm pleased with this ruling, except that in order to write a blog post on it, I had to look at all these pictures of needles. I DO NOT CARE FOR THEM. Noooooo thank you.